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Convert any file into another format online

Convert any file into another format online

Posted by Kailash Paliwal
Everyone needs a good file converter, for example if you got that file via email in a .gz format and you thought why don’t they send it in a zip format, or that important document that was sent in PDF format and you wanted it to be in a doc format in short it good to have a file converter.
I have just got the perfect web-app for you it can convert almost any given file format to another, Best of all its 
FREE to use and you don’t need to install anything on your computer to use it!
This online app can convert video, music, documents, pictures, compressed files etc… you name it and this application should be able to convert the file into the format you want, say hello to

As I have mentioned earlier this is an web application so you don’t need to install anything on your computer, just go to and using the simple interface enter the file and select the format that you want it to be converted to, enter your email address, the app sends the converted file link to your email address for you to download, after the conversion is completed. The converted file stays on the server for 7 days after conversion.

Conclusion: I have personally used this app and it works 90% of the time in converting the file, it just failed me once in one video conversion. I wanted to convert a swf video file to fla, it converted the file but it had only audio in it the video was missing, overall a great web-application to have in your bookmarks for file conversions.

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